Friday, February 5, 2010

Steampunk Chronicles, Ep. 4 - Characters

So I had to rewrite a character's profile, mainly because I lost the website where I'd stashed his first one.  This is always unfortunate because I'm never as motivated the second time around.  Fortunately, I remembered most of his information, except for his exact history, which I have to work on again.  I figured I'd post it here so you all can see what I put into my characters.  Maybe later I'll post my other steampunk character.  They're both guys, both mechanics, but very different personalities.  Maybe one day I'll get around to creating a good female character.

Name: Leviticus Abrahamson III
Nickname: Levi 
Age: 27 
Height: 6' 
Build: Thin, but sturdy. Strong and fit from working with boiler engines. 
Appearance: Black, wavy hair, bright green eyes. One eye is scarred, and he wears a telescopic monogoggle over it, which actually helps him see better than his regular eye. He has various other scars and burns on his arms and chest, par for the course with his line of work. He tends to wear: a black coachman's hat, a rifle frock coat, a tan canvas vest when working, or a gold and red vest when he's not. Various colours of canvas pants when working, more fancy trousers when not. Tends to wear a silk puff tie when he's not working, as well as gloves. 
Accessories: A telescoping monogoggle, which he switches for a regular pair of tinted goggles when he's machining. When he's not machining, they live atop his coachman's hat. He carries a doctor bag with his tools and writing supplies, and when he's travelling, a small chest with his chemicals and a large duffel bag with his extra clothes. For defense he carries a shotgun-type weapon of his own design which shoots heavy-duty shells, as well as a more traditional Colt 45 Peacemaker.
Personality: Shameless and proud, but not unreasonably boastful. He's smart and he knows it. Tends to leap without looking, and is willing to follow anything that'll lead him to his riches. 
History: is forthcoming...


Name: Arthur Clinton Bray
Nickname: Arty Flint, Mouse
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5'
Occupation: Engineer/Scientist
Build: Slight
Hair: Dirty blond, shaggy, always a mess
Eyes: slightly squinty, amethyst
Clothes: This vest, shirt and tie, this frock coat, these pants or these pants, this canethese braces,this hat, these gloves, and these shoes. He only wears the hat, tie, vest, gloves, coat and cane when he bothers to leave his shop for food and supplies. His other clothes are usually covered in metal shavings, grease, soot and dirt. He's quite the messy inventor.
Accessories: A doctor bag, with these goggles, a brass version of this pocketwatch, this inkwell, these pens, and a leather-bound notebook, as well as various scientific, mechanical and machining tools stuffed inside it. It's surprising he can ever find anything in there. He also wears these glasses. They're Pince-Nez glasses. Instead of arms, they pinch the nose to stay on.
Personality: Jovial, but absent-minded, he laughs at himself a lot, both for his appearance and the constant explosions he creates in his shop. Constantly thinking and intensely curious, he tends to mutter to himself and stare at objects for extended periods of time, but doesn't mind pleasant interruptions. He tends to be a bit long-winded and hyper, eager to explain how something works or what he's thinking about. Because people tend to cut him off, the more excited he is about something, the faster he talks. He's also a self-taught doctor, attempting to save money after constant doctor visits due to constantly injuring himself in his shop. He almost always has some sort of bandage on.
History: Apprenticed to an engineer as a young lad, Arthur inherited his shop from his old master, and soon began to expand and improve on many of the inventions his master began. He also is a chemical hobbyist, attempting to create better sources of fuel and compounds. He has one dark spot in his history in the form of a lost love that he doesn't really talk much about, but it has left him somewhat shy around women, blushing and stammering when spoken to.


The second is this character's original profile.  See how much more detailed it is?

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