Monday, February 1, 2010

Steampunk Chronicles, Ep. 1

In order to further validate the existence of this thing, I thought I should let you all in on my love for Steampunk.  I don't want this to be a Steampunk blog, so all such posts will be titled "Steampunk Chronicles".  I don't know how far this little obsession will eventually go, but I thought I'd start out with a couple things I dream of having.


OMG, there are no words to convey how bad I want a pair of steampunk goggles!  Unfortunately, having a strong prescription makes this a little difficult.  I'd be constantly switching between the goggles and my glasses.  I have found 2 solutions to this:  
  1. Buy goggles with prescription lenses.  Hardly anyone does this, but I know that does offer this service, but it's mad expensive.
  2. Pince-nez glasses!  Because nothing says Victorian like an awesome pair of these!
What is this pince-nez, you ask?  Simply put, pince-nez glasses come from the French, meaning 'to pinch the nose'.  It was in huge vogue, worn by men & women during the late Victorian/Edwardian era, because the constant wearing of glasses was not in fashion.  

See Teddy?  Teddy was a cool dude.  He wore pince-nez.  They even had security cords that retracted the cord attached to the glasses so they could be kept from falling.

I'd wear pince-nez.  Switch them out with some awesome goggles, preferable with one of the goggle lenses having a telescoping lens or with magnifying loupes (those little magnifying lenses that you attach to a pair of glasses).

Next, I need a top hat.  I'd probably have to get a mini top hat, or at least a smaller one that I can pin atop my locs, since my head is too big with the locs to fit one on my head.

Finally, what sort of steampunk lady would I be without an awesome corset or cincher and leather boots?!  I think I'd go for the cincher...oooh, and a nice long coat...

But yes, those are my initial steampunk desires.  Now you know.

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